Foundation Information

dsc02424.jpegSchool Tours 

You are warmly invited to visit Burwood East Primary School. School tours can be arranged by appointment through the school Office. We are very proud of our refurbished Foundation rooms, where our students have a large area to move through different activities throughout the day in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Enrolment Eligibility 

To be eligible for school enrolment your child must turn five by the 30th April. Please bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate and, if possible, their completed Immunisation Certificate.

Foundation Transition Program 

To make the transition from kindergarten to primary school as smooth and positive as possible, Burwood East Primary School has a very thorough Transition Program.

Our Program consists of:
In Terms 3 and 4 we offer Classroom Activity Sessions, including book reading sessions, play sessions and introductory class activities for the children to familiarise them with the Foundation teachers, specialist staff and the layout of the school.


Session dates to be announced

In Sessions 1-4, the children are in the Foundation classroom with the Foundation Teacher.

Please pack a named hat, water bottle and small snack for your child for sessions 2, 3 and 4.


Starting School

Foundation students attend school from 9:00am until 3:30pm except on Wednesdays when students will not be required to attend unless they have a scheduled interview.

The Wednesdays in February will be used to conduct hour-long interviews individually with the children to gain information about their Literacy and Numeracy skills.

Please see forms & docs section for enrolment forms.

Foundation Transition

Burwood East Primary School provides a positive and successful start to school for every young child. The school provides a learning environment that encourages children to explore and investigate, in order to gain understanding of their immediate environment, as well as the world about them.  Caring, knowledgeable staff, experienced in Early Childhood teaching and learning, assist the children to develop their social skills, communication skills and self esteem, along with Numeracy and Literacy skills.

Entering the first year of school can be a time of great anticipation, curiosity and eagerness but for some children it can be a time of uncertainty and trepidation. Burwood East Primary School acknowledges each child as an individual and provides a programme of Transition activities that enables each child to take that first step to formal learning at their own pace.

The school places a strong emphasis on establishing a close, positive and supportive relationship with each child and his/her family in order to lay a strong foundation of trust, coping with change, a sense of security and being part of a new and larger community.

Being part of the Transition to school program provides children with experiences that enable them to feel supported and valued as they become familiar with a new and different learning environment.


 The Transition to School Program for enrolled students includes

  • Activity session with Foundation teacher. This provides an opportunity for the children to experience activities with the current Foundation students.
  • Three, 3 hour Orientation sessions enabling the children to meet and be with their Foundation teacher and the other children who will be in the class.  The sessions focus on investigation based learning experiences with a story time and songs
  • Parent information and discussion sessions. During the time the children are participating in activity sessions the parents are welcome to be part of discussions on School readiness, Health, simple Maths and Literacy games and activities to play at home.
  • A 'Buddy' for every child creates a special relationship between Foundation children and older students.  The buddies meet at the Orientation sessions and greet the students on their first day at school.  They have lunch together during the first week and meet on a regular basis during Term 1 to share activities and experiences.  During the year the buddies meet up for many other special activities together.