The Early Years Numeracy Program is a resource for schools to use when planning and implementing a strategic and comprehensive approach to early years mathematics teaching and learning for all students in the first five years of schooling. Numeracy develops into more complicated, challenging levels in the Middle Years, where children apply the skills they have learnt to solve real problems and challenges.


Students are provided with numeracy learning experiences that are challenging, exciting and enjoyable, as well as useful in achieving a range of purposes and solving a range of common daily problems. These are rich, real tasks using a variety of stimulating experiences. Children are encouraged to work with their class teacher at their own rate of mathematical growth.


Structures within all classes cater for individual differences through the provision of open-ended learning activities. A wide range of equipment is always available at all age levels. All mathematical concepts are progressively developed within the context of meaningful learning situations. Numeracy at all levels encompasses cooperative learning and child centred problem solving activities as well as the use of modern technology such as computers and calculators.