Facilities and Services

  • Multimedia space including Green Screening
  • Fully equipped Art & Craft Centre
  • Music Room
  • Extensive play areas with modern equipment
  • Multiple computer facilities in all classrooms
  • Before and After School Care Program
  • Secondhand Uniform Shop
  • Dedicated Science Room

School Uniform

It is desirable that all children at Burwood East Primary School wear the school uniform.

Our school colours are black and gold.

New uniform items may be purchased from our official supplier, PSW, Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley 3149, telephone 9809 5477.

Second hand uniform items are available from the School Uniform shop located on the premises. 

As part of our Sun Smart Policy, all children must wear a broad brim or legionnaires hat when participating in outdoor activities during Terms one and four. 

Burwood East Primary School No. 454 


1. Rationale


At Burwood East we believe that our school uniform helps foster school identity, develops an affiliation with the school, assists in creating a sense of pride among the students and creates a level of equality as well as being practical attire for school.


2. Guidelines

The school uniform promotes:                                              

  • Pride and equality amongst all students
  • Further develops a sense of pride in and identification with our school
  • The provision of durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for our school environment
  • Maintains and enhances the positive image of the school in the community
  • Ensures student safety by enabling clear identification both within school and at activities outside of school
  • Diffusion of a competitive/harassing environment where students are labelled according to clothing/fashion. The wearing of uniform is aimed at allowing students to focus on learning and developing positive relationships
  • Acknowledgement of the values of students and parents/caregivers of all religious and cultural backgrounds


3. Implementation

  • All students must wear the Burwood East Primary School uniform during school hours, while travelling to and from school and when students are on school excursions.
  • The school uniform includes only those garments as listed on the School Uniform list with school logo on the shirt, jumper and hat.
  • The only hats that are acceptable are broad-brimmed hats with the school logo as stated in our Sunsmart policy.
  • Hats must be worn outside at all times during Term 1 and 4, including to and from school.

Hats should not be worn inside buildings.

  • Shoes must be 100% black, low heeled school shoes or black runners with black laces only. Other runners may be worn during sport sessions. NO open-toed shoes/sandals, thongs, slip-ons or Crocs to be worn.
  • Socks: Girls plain white socks for Summer and plain white or black for Winter; Boys plain black or white socks.
  • Garments worn by girls to ensure modesty are permitted, but must be black and must not be visible beyond the length of their school dress (i.e. bike shorts or bloomers). Leggings or other garments that can be seen below the school dress are not acceptable.
  • Shorts should be as per school uniform including of a suitable length. Leggings or bike shorts are not acceptable alternatives.
  • Grade 5 & 6 students may purchase a sport shirt for wearing on Fridays and any special sporting days only.
  • Grade 6 students may purchase a special Burwood East Primary School jacket to celebrate their final year of primary school.
  • All items of school uniform are required to be clearly named. Parents are encouraged to regularly check their child’s uniform to avoid loss.
  • Jewellery is not appropriate to be worn with school uniform except for a watch, one set only of studs or regular sized sleepers in pierced ears. Any variation to this for cultural or religious reasons must be requested in writing to the Principal.
  • Hair colour should be natural.
  • No nail polish allowed.
  • Students should take pride in their uniform and not make any deliberate damage or change to the look of the uniform as set out in this policy.
  • The Principal and staff will support the wearing of school uniform. Students, who are deemed to be out of uniform, will be asked to modify their clothing to ensure it fits in with school uniform policy.
  • The Principal may exempt students from wearing the school uniform at his/her discretion.
  • Any variation to the uniform for cultural or religious reasons to be approved by the Principal.
  • Class teachers will monitor the wearing of school uniforms. Students who fail to comply with the School Uniform Policy will be spoken to and reminded of their responsibilities. A stamp will be put into the child’s communication diary when non-compliance is observed.
  • At the Principal’s discretion, a child who is out of uniform may be offered appropriate school uniform to wear.
  • Parental support for the wearing of approved school uniform is expected.
  • Students who are out of uniform will be required to bring a written explanation from parents, which they will hand either to their class teacher or the office staff.

Approved:   2012 

Review:    2015

Out of Hours School Care

Burwood East Primary School Childcare Program aims to provide quality care for your children. The School Council accepts reasonable responsibility for children for the period they are in care and will take all necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Hours of operation

The centre will be open from 7:00a.m. – 8:45a.m. and from 3:30 – 6:00p.m. Monday to Friday, except for school holidays. Children can be left at the centre any time after 7:00a.m. and likewise, can be collected by the parents or a nominated adult, anytime before 6:00p.m.


All children using the centre will be provided with breakfast or afternoon tea. After this they will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities over the week. Those children who prefer, or need, a quiet time at the end of the school day, will be catered for as well.

Burwood East Primary School

Out of School Hours Childcare Program
Camp Australia
Telephone: 03 8851 4160


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